coming to the end of my holibags!


I want to go back for another month, not even started back work yet!

Also seriously looking for husband now, need somone to go into my dotage with, the only thing that would worry me is the wee bastard cheating on me, (see this is so me, got the guy cheating on me before we are even married.)

Back to trawling myself like a bit of meat on chat websites, that dont work, and i’m no the dogging type, wandering round a field waiting for a fuck is no my idea of a good time!

Knowing my luck i will get the Dennis Neilsen type anyway, and find myself as a new garden feature in a back garden!!!!

Why is finding love the biggest crock of shit, apart from the god botherers?

We all go around prarading our hearts around, ready to get shot down in flames!

We should do what the dogs do, anybody smells nice!, cut out the lovvie dovvie shitsmiley

I am getting so old!

ahoy hoy