I am slowly loosing it!

I have not really described what it is like to go through a migraine attack, it is not a nice thing!

That is putting it mildly, it is fucking horrible, in its mild form, your eye expands and feels like someone has jammed a red hot poker through it, every sound you here reverberates in your head and you wish to shut out all light, that is in its mild form, last night and today, it felt easer if I just cut my head off, it would be actually better if I did not awake,.

The pain in the head starts to get totally worse so that it vibrates the whole of my skull, every slight movement, every slight bit of light hurts, and it’s ongoing, it doesn’t stop, you can’t stop it.

I have tried every painkiller known to man ether, the worst of those was Tramadol, now it takes the pain away easily, and you can go for weeks without pain, but if you take Tramadol all the time, when you come off them, the first symptom I got was insomnia.

Co-coda mol has been the one to save me over these nights, god bless Co-coda mol, ( if you believe in high sentient beings!)

Now all we need to pray for is this heat to go away and get back to the miserable rain, I like the rain, you feel more alive, also it’s calming, you don’t get this with the sun, all you get is skin cancer and feeling hot and sweaty, and that is something I cannie stand!