Hello, welcome, good evening, and pull up a chair!

Take off the sling-backs, loosen the straight jacket, and lets party!

I’m fed up, I am again back ill with may head issues, they are getting worse again, physically hurting me. This may also effect my job, and keeping it, knowing the way my luck runs, it won’t be the latter!

The stress in the house is getting worse, my little shit head of a brother is still ruling the roost, and my father is allowing him.

He, of course is taking this out on my mother, and now me, god forbid I loose my job, and the great luxury of my wage diminishes to nothing.

The pressure is getting more and more difficult, doesn’t help with the lack of understanding at work.

We are getting more and more treated like cattle, when one of us ‘goes funny’ we are dragged to a dark room, and a ‘new wan’ is ‘plonked’ is our place.

So I’m stressed out my box today, with a migraine that could sink the titanic, and every sods away with the lifeboats.