well i went to edinburgh by train, and well it was one street filled with shops and thats it, such a let down.

i only went anyway to go on the choo choo, and that was done in the drank and dreary january.

i have not come amongst you for a while partly because i have be unwell again, partly because i had a very shitty time over christmas, that involves the arsehole that was my brother (now disowened, his choice, i beleve words like piss on and fire, came into the conversation.)

i am still a little down after that caper, and probably will take me a long while to get over it, or a rich hunk, who wants a mad scots, to marry and take me away from all this.

i have got to the stage that i dont care, people can throw shit at me i will never be treated like a second class person again,

got to stop typing now, need to get ma head down and get rid of this mad headache.