Now I have thought about Suicide, deep dark thoughts. I have
carefully thought what I would do, how much it would hurt me, and how quick it
would be!

But not once have I ever warned people beforehand that I would
do it, I would not want anything to talk me out it.

My arsehole ex brother-in-law decided as my sister was not
giving him his way, he would pop the keys into the letter box, also a wee suicide
note, telling my sister he was goin to top himself.

Now how would you do it?

I have thought about jumping the tracks on railway line, in
front of a bus, or the old painkillers, the dickhead brother-in-law decided to
take train up to Edinburgh, and chuck himself off Arthur’s seat!!!!!

Yes that famous hill in Edinburgh, though funnily enough,
you would think we had enough tall buildings in Airdrie, but who am I to say. Unfortunately
this was a failed attempt, ( naw really!, I think maybe the letter posted would
allow the police to be alerted, and the fat idiot to be found, you know that,
and I know that, but not my sister, and the idiots family!)

The dickhead will not take no for an answer that my sister
didnie want the slimy c**t, he will have to make use of the w**k hand and f**k