I have no come among you in quite a while; well I get bored
very easily!

I have now been diagnosed with
depression, (hurrah! I think reading my posts over the last year could have
told a simpleton that!)

Another illness to add onto the
others, I will be a walking wreck before I’m 40.

Happy new year has come, and I hope
to fuck turns out better than last year, but since the film, 2012 says we are
going to all cop our whack this year anyway, why not go out with a bang.

Why not go running down the
street, in the nuddie, singing show tunes?

Why not go up to that person you
really fancy, (but did not have the nerve,) and plank one on them, or even kiss
them. (hehehehehe)

I am sick of every ones perception
of how we all should be, I’m a man who likes boaby, (if I’d listened to the
bible I would be spit-roasting in hell, by now, or even worse like they do in
the states, PRAY-THE-GAY-AWAY, personally myself, I would take the
spit-roasting any day!)

I personally have also got to the
stage of zoning out when people are taking to me, if this is to do with the
depression, or just cannie be arsed listening to people, who can tell?

Any who happy final coming! And when
it does go out with a huge grin on yer face!

And don’t let the bastards get ye