Hows me being ill for the millionth time again!

Then what’s new going along on my merrily way and then fate
comes along and boots me in the teeth.

I didn’t think my dark thoughts would come back through, not
with all the happy pills I’m taking these days, but you think what’s the point, you slave your
arse off during the day, come home to what?

A empty life, that’s what, everything I have touched has
turned to shit, I have no carrier, have no one who wants me for me, basically I
am fucked.

Then there is two months time, my shit hole ex-brother in
law is going to be served and this is when the shit hits fan, the thing that
worries me is my mother, the kids are about to go in the middle, then my mother
will come into the frey, that’s what’s worrying me, if anything happens to her,
that’s it game over, I don’t think I will be able to go on.

Anyhow we now have the fight with the neighbours from hell
beside us.

To give you an idea think wendoline from wallice and gromitt,
and happyslap her till she looks like a wotsit then you have the image of her.

Miss (and I use this loosely,) hownowbrowncow, believe as
she lives in a paid house, and we live in a council house, she can lord it over
her like lady muck and we are the poor gypos. Anyhoos she starts anything, she
will be starting with the right one in my mother.