Well I’m no deid, well I’m close tae it!

I’m coming up for 36 years on this earth, and am fat,
balding, walking disaster area.

After 2 years my sister is about to earn her freedom, but
not clever enough tae get the idiot away fae her children, the fact that he
expected her tae come back tae him, after such 2 years, the texts saying she
disnie like him, the fact she repeatedly says tae his face that, she cannie
stand him, but I’m nae parent, but a man wae a mind as disillusioned as his, my
sister still sends her wains tae him, frighting eh!

Now I have my little fights with my health, still a mental,
but now I have IBS, or as I call it, ‘a bastard:(’

I have tae watch what I’m eating, which makes my current
diet, worse as I cannot eat anything spicy at all or, you don’t want tae know!

I have started to gain my confidence back, but this is
mainly doon tae the happy pills, I will be on depression tablets for the rest
of my life, and it does help me a great deal!

Anyhoo, see yea on the wrong side of 30!

Ahoy hoy