Hullo, good evening and welcome!

I am not deid yet! But getting there!

I want to start afresh well, i want a new career, and a new health, also i’m now in the market for a man!

Well, lets start at why i want to improve my career prospects, I don’t want to be stuck answering calls for the rest of my life, i want to do a job that interests me, i want to improve myself, which is why i am applying for university.

Then ma health, lets be fair, i’m a walking joke, I have anxiety attacks, depression, IBS, and thats only the bear essentials.

Also man issues, do i need one? Not really, i am happy on my own, doesn’t mean i don’t wish to have company once and a while, and maybe, if the world doesnt end, that an angry god doesn’t like gays marrying i might get myself a husband, the mind boggles!