Mentally ill, fat, balding, yeah I have a lot going’ for me. I need to get out away from all the shit in Airdrie, I think my next job would be far away fae Airdrie, it has nothing going for it.

I want a nice quiet job away fae everybody, even stacking shelves would be preferable tae all the trials and tribulations in my current situation.

Being the daily mental is becoming old hat, and i am becoming bored and fed up already!

Next thing you will be dribbling oot yer mouth, shitting yer self, waiting tae get burnt.

I have so much i want to do, i want to write my book, find the love of my life, run naked down the street singing little bunny foo-foo, (yep mad!)

I have been on one long downer, and it seems my eyes are opened, i see life as it is now, crap, but with a little bit of promise. Well where are we going now? Well the job site, i will need to look for a quiet peaceful life, also the holiday situation, maybe a week away from all this will clam ma heid, anyhow enjoy life as it happens and the next pile of shit comes round the corner.