It’s getting shitty weather time out there and I have one
word to say to all the scientists out there, where is the warming world you are
talking about? And why the fuck can’t I see it?

I am not a stupid man, but even I know when we’re being

Well back on the oldie days, we were frightened about the
big bad vengeful god telling us we were fucked, and we were all going to hell,
no pass go, no collect 200, your fucked, you’re going to hell. And the wee
village idiots put their faith in the local god botherer, who for some reason
could get you a day pass to heaven.

We all need to be told what to do, case in point, when do
you read the fine print?

Everybody sees the FREE, FREE, FREE, nobody checks the fine
print on what they want from you to make it FREE, FREE, FREE. There IS NOT A
FREE LUNCH out there, but the simpletons, the idiots who believe what they are
told, think there is, they want to be babied, spoon fed, told every think is
ok. Well here is the meaning of life, NOPE everyone wants something, you, me,
everybody. We don’t get a free pass through life and anyone who thinks this is
sadly deluded.

You ask why so cynical at this point in life, well you
suddenly open your eyes one day and think, why?

I’ve been thinking this for the last 30 years.

Now I’m sitting here tonight in pain, IBS (or Its Bloody
SORE!) hits you in two ways, you could ether be doubled up in pain with cramps,
and the farmer Giles, or now running out of me like brown rain. And to top it
off you get a sore arse, hence 2 o’clock in the morning wide awake and taking
to you! It’s a symptom that most people think that your making up, but believe
me the pure fear of shitting yourself, for passing wind, is no my cup of tea.

Work wise, bit of light relief, cut my hours right back,
needed to do this or would be looking for a new job. Now all I need to get the
diet right and I’ll be fucked.

Night night