This is all it takes?

That we are on a big ball in the middle of space, going roon
a bigger fiery ball. I’m a cynic, always have been.

It’s now the new year, and hurrah, another year in this shit
hole, see the fannies that mention, Nostradamus, and those fucking myaens, yes
oh yes, did they get it right, so much so that their own fucking race died out!

Where are the big fiery astoroids? Where is the rapture, I will
tell you where, in the minds of the people who want to control us, as I mentioned
before, humans are idiots, we are told be a good little follower, and you can
have a wonderful afterlife, these people then drive fucking planes into
buildings, or murder people in the glory of a great leader. We don’t need to
look to the skies for a big fucking boulder, we need to be looking at the cunts
around you.

When I was a kid, you looked to your parents for your
leadership, one thing I can thank for is they never forcerd religion at me,
imagine a wee gay boy being constantly told that the feelings he had were
wrong, and people like me were going tae hell, we now realise the same people
doing this were feeling up the kids also. When I have suddenly grown up and
realised if I was more open with myself at school I might have done well,
rather than being the lonely, bullied boy I was.

I think that is one reason, I have never looked for companionship,
or having a child myself, I would be so scared brining a child into this world
these days. You only have to look at programmes on tv like, the only way is Essex,
the Kardashians, or made in Chelsea, and you lose all hope in mankind!

We have prime ministers of fuck dead pigs, chancellors who
burn money in front of homeless people, governments who prefer to sell arms to dictatorships,
and in the next minute bomb the fuck out of them, to bring in new dictators to
sell them arms, and you wonder why I’m on depression tablets before I’m forty