I know there is no god!

No god would put anyone through the crap we go through in this world! Because if there is a god he must be some sadistic bastard who enjoys the suffering of pain onto others. That’s meant to be heaven? An eternity with that? I’d rather go back to nothing!

Take the COVID 19 outbreak, a plague one of many over the years that has killed millions, wiped out kids, grandparents, with no remorse. You can see that we as humans created that mistake, we are infallible. We are effectively arseholes that murder for fun, enjoy pain being inflicted on other people. Case in example, a public hanging was a public holiday and people cheered as a fellow human, a person like themselves, (forget what they have done,) its still a human up there dying in agony while people are laughing around them. I am meant to think a benevolent god thinks that’s ok?  So back to the COVID 19 bastard, or lets go further back to the plagues of Egypt, the death of the young thought to be actually a outbreak of a virus similar to COVID. I can see why a human could cause that! Not a god that’s, according to the bibble, (a work of fictitious shit written 2000 years after the events first written in Genesis,) made us in is own image, is god suddenly into self harm?

I can give you two reasons why there is such a thing as ‘religion’

  1. We don’t know what happens when we die. We would rather believe we spend eternity sitting on a cloud with a harp and wings, or in the burney fire with auld nick raping you up the arris with a trident! Than believe we go back to carbon, what everything is made from! Where are the angel cows for example, or do butterflies get jump leads attached to their nob in hell? (I give the same argument about ghosts, and arsehole mediums BTW)
  2. Religion is a series of lectures in ‘not to do wrong’ and ‘listen to your elders,’ it’s a true fact that most of the religions in the world are the richest ‘clubs’ the money they get, the land they own, think about every little bit of silver and gold in the hands of churches! Did Jesus, (who was not white by the way, look at any Palestine or Jew in the Israeli region,) have gold, wealth or land? Did he fuck! Jesus according to the bibble, and it should know kicked the money lenders out of the temple cos it made a mockery of religion associating wealth with how close you can get to god! Now everyone hop on a plane and go to Saint Marks Basilica Stand inside, (once you pay the entrance fee,) and see the amount of mone… sorry morals went into funding such beauty! Religion in five words can be summed up as ‘do as you are told!’

I don’t want to belittle anyone who believes in this shit, you can believe what you want, (some believe the word is flat, even though all you need to do is stand on the deck of a boat in the middle of the ocean and look at the curvature of the earth.) These people NEED to believe in something, they are human, we want to be guided like sheep, that’s why Shepards are mentioned in the bibble, we are the sheep, and the big Shepard is going to take us away to make chops! Believe what you want flowers! Just don’t enforce your beliefs on others, you just helping that ‘Shepard,’ make more chops!