I have noo blogged you for a while, but so fickin what, you’re not the boss of me!


Santa came and went, (the dirty bugger!) i went loopy for a wile on sherbet, it was sherbet, and i am sticking to that story.

Funnily enough my boss gave me sherbet fountain, and i swallowed all off this, i then spent the remainder of the day in a hyper, singing carols at the top of my voice, i don’t even like Christmas.

I got my usual, deodorant, (think someone is trying to tell me something,) and books, something i do appreciate! Thank you book lovers out there you are my favourite!

The snow for once is getting on my truppneys, it means i cannot walk home fae work, without an iceball, with a mixture of stones, and dog shit, winging itself towards may face, (gone was the days you used to give these wee bastards the belt.) or if you drive to work try and drive with snow pelted at yer windscreen, no bother though, you have the knowledge that one day, they will ether, be up the duff, in the barr-ell or dead with an overdose.

Happy Xmas one and all