have no care what i am.

was born weird, as i have said previously, i was nearly born in an ambulance,
because ‘the driver never had one before,’ until my mother reminded him she was
in al lot of pain, and with the mood she was in, she would put him through the

was also born in what is now a nuthouse, well we all have a history, then
forward to horrible school, one of the reasons why i hate high school musical,
if you broke out in song in my school, more than likely, you were a big fairy
like me, or you were a day release from the place where i was born.

either way, you didnie fit. I was lucky, i didnie get up the duff, and i didnie
get a crack habit, this i am more than grateful for.

am, of course, one of the screaming mad ones though, born for the stage, but I’ll
stay her and I’ll annoy you.