I have no been writing for a while pals.

It’s no for the lack of trying, my laptop is getting crapper
by the day. Also the weird, shitty shifts that have done ma nut in.

I also have the weird twitchy eye again, I am noo giving
anyone the eye if you think that is the case.

I also get food poisoning at work, and have to go home and don’t
get paid for it, got to love out-scorers, the new workhouses of tony b’liar.

We are also getting tony b’liar part 2, the wonderful ‘call
me Dave’ Cameron, and you wonder why I don’t vote anymore. I can tell you now if the labour party put a
mad rapist up as their candidate in the seat I live, the ‘sheep’ in, (god love’m,)
Airdrie & Shotts, would vote him in. our lovely constituents don’t care for
substance, all they see is LABOUR, and put a big cross beside it, more times
than not because crosses are the only form of writing they can do.

People need to get a grip as well, thinking they have the
power to change things, take this thing with the BBC, oh yes we all would love
not to pay for a licence fee, but what is the alternative, nice ‘safe’ ant
& dec, (if this ever happens, there will be a run in ropes and beams to
swing on,) we have turned into a nation of Mary Shitehouses, (that lovely
opinionated, very oppress, woman, who I am personally thankful, is rotting in a
box somewhere,) save us if the world is run by god botherers, if this was the
case, I would be locked up for going against gods great idea. If this was the
case why are we still dictated by idiots still following a mythical being, who
there is NO proof in.

God I am getting deep tonight.

Need to lay down!

Ahoy hoy!