Hello Chinas!

Well, I havenie come to you for a real while, no for the
lack of it, it’s that I hate my laptop now and want a new one.

The ‘z’ key is a bit dodgy and there are missing pixels on
the screen.

And the anal retentive person in me cannot have perfection
messed up, annoys me, I lose interest in the thing and want to replace it.

I am a electronics companies wet dream, all they have to do
is make a product not perfect, and I go running to currys or Tesco, (believe me
I think that manufacturers are deliberately doing this, but this maybe my paranoid,
conspiracy theory nut job in me taking!)

So I am going to go portable and scale down to net book, and
keep this brute for the downloading, also means I can take it to work and rant
on my breaks .

Also on holibags, this thing needs a ton of painkillers just
to lift it, so I will try and keep in touch with you all