Morning campers!

I have not been with you for a while, but I have been working like a navvy, who has just won first prize in a navvy contest!

Crimble has been coming up, towards us, oh hold my head up and jump for joy, at the mass consumption exercise, in lowering the amount in my bank account for another month.

One good thing, I am going to try the new train line up to Edinburgh, but knowing my luck on the route up, it will do what it done at the opening of the new Bathgate station, and breakdown for 2 hours.

I will take my laptop and entertain myself on the way up, going by the price it will cost me to do this, it will be the only way of entertaining me!

Again I have the builders in, (every time I write this, I feel I have made a double entandre!) but it is true I have the new boiler getting put in, as of the lovely budget cuts, thanks to the FUCKING bankers and lovely eco call me Dave, and nick (sell ma own granny tae get intie power,) clegg, we are getting 1 brand spanking radiator per household. Which we will be all hovering around this this winter, while the FUCKING bankers, (their new legal name, we own them after all!) burn huge wads of money, and the poor, to keep their, eco loftspace, next to the river, warm.

Now we wouldn’t want them dieing now a cold miserable death, now would we?

I will try and rant to you next month, probs on a broken down train, freezing to death. It will be like the film Alive!, only based on a commuter train!