Mental illness is a fun thing, gets me fucked up,

I am kalms favourite customer, I need stability in my life
and I am not getting it.

My father hates me!

I like my mother always have, will protect her with my life,
but because my father doesn’t like her fuck me as well for sticking up for her.

Like usual, (like my little brother, when he has need for
me, I am his best pal.)

Little does he know when he goes loopy and gaga he’s getting
lumped in a home. No weeping, no poor me, when you’re a gay person, and your
father turns round and says to the whole room, that aids was a good thing and
that it was killing the gays of the world, and that all gays should be taken to
an island and left to die. Kind of sums up my relationship with my father.

Any hoo watching dirty harry! (Nope not a porn film, filthy
people,) the funky Clint movie.