I have had a shitty week and its going bad to worse.

The start of the week my idiot, ‘panorama special’
brother-in-law, got himself sacked.

My sister decided to leave the idiot, but the greetin’ faced
twat turned on the water works, don’t leave me, don’t leave me, (I am surprised
that there was not a feeble attempt at copping his wack!)

No loss there.

This turned the responsibility to my sister not to break up
the family. This could lead to her to staying with him, to any man to use this
on a woman, angers me greatly, though if he laid one hand on her I would lose
my passive persona and stab the prick in the dick right up to the heart.

Though I would probably would need to get in line, it’s
funny I am watching Murder on the Orient Express, if you know the plot of this,
you would think it was apt!

6 days to ma wee holibags, and I am getting the fuck out of
this shithole, even if I have to buy tent and go around.

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