Hullo ppl!

God I hate text speak! If you go through the hell of school
to learn how to spell, please for goodness sake use it, even me Mr Dyslexic uses
spell checker, before I allow someone to read this!

I have nooo been weeeelll lately, rushed to ED to get myself

This was a mistake, if you have spent nearly 4 hours in a casualty
department waiting room, you will know that there is a hell on earth.

It got to the stage where I asked to leave and went to speak
to my doctor in the morning.

I got more blood taken then in a butchers, and then got
letter today to say I need to go back and get more done. To say I am shitting
myself is an understatement.

I have been reassured by my mother, that there is nothing to
worry about, but Mr Worry, Mr Paranoid, and Mr Shit scared of a slow painful
death, don’t want to listen.

I will be planning my funeral shortly!

I hate myself every time when I get ill, because I know most
of it is because I stress myself out too much, but the only other option would
be the ‘tell me about the rabbits’ tablets, (pity we don’t have Looney bins any
more, to be locked away in my room with the rubber wallpaper with the
zip-up-the-back jacket, zoncked out my skull, with not a care in the world.)

Well will I wait for the reaper goodnight