Well my
holibags was shit!

Well I was
expecting it, it’s me!

Well there
was the lack of money, being tom and dick again!

Also that
lovely word family, where do I begin?

My sister and
the thing from the black lagoon she married, she now wants to leave him, he
wants to hit the razors, I’m thinking of buying him a set of Gillette’s!

My brother,
yes shitty little brother is back on the dole again! Hurrah another seven years
of supporting the family I on the shitty wage I bring in, rather than my
brother feeding the pockets of Airdrie’s gangsters with his exotic substance habits.
When he is not chasing rabbits, my brother can be found giving verbal abuse to
my mother, and running a debit up with every company in the FTSE, Dow Jones
etc. my brother must owes tens of thousands, but rather than paying this off,
he moves onto the next company willing to giving something for nothing. I am on
a wage, and my credit rating is so low, you need a magnifying glass to find it!

Then there is
the thought of going back to work, to maybe getting the sack for being ill to
much, wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe should end it now! But knowing me I would probably
come back into someone in the situation.

Anyhoo to-da-loo