Scary Mary! How we all doing, well me I’m barely hanging on!

What is scaring me the most is the dizzy turns, I feel the
wee switch going off in my head, and I’m going for a wee ride, like what
happened a few nights ago, nearly in front of a car!

It’s my biggest fear that I am going to cop my whack at
work, and they will whirl those ‘fucking hospital screens’ round me and the
whole show will still going on round me.

I am also not looking forward to Christmas, if not more for
the weans of my sister, they have been used to the best of things from their
very short lives, now they will have to do with the meagre offerings this year.

And now the bastards in the banks are hording money now, and
not spreading it out amongst the people, if you want to become a banker or a
politician for the rest of your life you can do so, but you will need to get tattooed
on yer head ‘moneywhore’ and you must submit yourself to repeated ‘bummings’
and beatings!

That would be lovely, but these bastards will always win,
anyhoo I’m away to lie doon noo in a
dark room.