My arsehole ex brother in law is at it again, he claims he
wants to kill himself but can’t, I want to help him.

I have explained before he ‘tried’ this before, (I have
tried being straight before, it was not for me.)

He is still not getting his own way, (boo-hoo,) and his new
thing is to top himself on his wedding anniversary, and leave little notes for
his kids, (the kids who mean so much to him,) again telling my sister so she
can rush to his feet fling her arms devotevely round his legs and say “don’t do
it, I was wrong, you were always right, don’t leave me” the thing is my sister
could not care if he publicly hung himself from the lamppost on the main
street, the thing that concerns her is the children being left in the same
house when he does it.

So here goes from the bottom of my heart, GO ON KILL YERSEL!

As a person who has been there, I find it deeply disgusting
that he would use such a threat, when others like myself have to fight
constantly not to go through with it!