Weelll I’m through the painful and embarrassing endoscope

The one down the throat is the one they warn you about as
you feel that you want to gag, and surprisingly considering this I gag quite

That was the easy one though the one up the arse, I will
never want to go through again, (even if it means my instant death!)

Its noo the cable up the bum that’s the problem, it’s the air
that they pump into you, it feels like you are about to explode, all I could
think about is that I was going to piss over the doctor that was administering the

Then at the end the embarrassing releasing of the air.

Still having problems with dioreah though and doctors still
cannot give me an answer. Cannot find cancer though so that is the main thing.

So back to work tomorrow, but strongly going to be sending
out my CV to any company that will have me, don’t want to work over the phone
anymore as I feel this is what is causing my illness.

Need to change my diet also, lots of fluid, greens, away
from carbs!

Also got the love of Christmas to look forward to hurrah!

Least the main thin will not have the issue of spending a fortune
on presents!