I am sitting here watching my catch up of the week’s
programmes as while you watch your own TV, I have to work.


The telly these days is crap! Nobody wants these days to
make good TV these days, we are ether to afraid the make the good stuff
anymore, as us Joe pubic have now got a say thanks to Facebook and twitter, anyone
with an opinion these days can stop a program. We love bashing the BBC as they
make us pay for TV, (we honestly do think that magic dusty fairies get the work
done foc.)

Everyone expects the best of TV but is not so forthcoming when
it comes up for payment, (believe me when I tell you I know!)

The other is that the TV companies don’t have the money
anymore, it’s about £30,000 per hour for one piece of TV and thanks to Bankers
we cannot afford any more good stuff, so more Joe pasquali, dale Winton, and
shit like that. Thank you bankers from the bottom of my heart!

I used to be in a building society (the Halifax,) they did
anything for you, (you were their boss so to speak,) then along came the
carpetbagger, a member of the building society who wanted to take the bank
public, thus shareholders, investors, Moula!

We even showcased these people on TV, they were proud they
went from building society to building society eating them up and making fortunes
from them, (do you think they invested those millions in the newly created
banks, or ones with tropical views from the door?)

This goes back to my argument, it won’t be weapons of mass destruction
that will kill us, not terrorists, not even religious nuts or politicians, it
will be ourselves, our greedy bloated, a want it tomorrow self’s.

Pleasant dreams

p.s. bloody Tesco ads make me want to buy music featured in them!