Crimble is here!

And the Morrison advert on TV would make you want to top
yerself. I know I am a wee misery guts but the whining manc voice of the woman
in the advert, makes you want to put yer head in the oven.

I have spent most of my money on presents, and I am poor
again, but I work for an out-scorcer, (so what’s new!)

I used to love Christmas, (I have previously mentioned
this,) not being able to sleep, now to me it’s another day with crap telly,
crap food, and the joy that in 30 days’ time, I will be another year older,
this time 35 uhhhheeehhh!

For a born again atheist as well,
it is a bit hypocritical celebrating in something you don’t believe in, (even
if I did, scholars In the bible, say Jesus was born in mid-June not December,
we nicked the date off the druids, like most of religion, someone else thought
about it before!)

The only people who benefit are
the shop owners, I mean I saw advent calendars in pound land in October!!!!

Talking of Morrison’s (or as I like
to call it a 3d version of an episode of The Walking Dead,) why is it look like
something you would find in a eighties episode of Last of the Summer Wine,
other stores like asda, Tesco, sainsburys, look modern looking, whereas
morrisons take you back to ye olde England shopping experience, ( they pride themselves
on market atmosphere, lovely jolly butchers, greengrocers, etc. but, and here’s
the joke, companies like this have railroaded the small wee independent shops
out of our towns, so we are left with ghost towns, and big ugly sheds, that
want to serve you everything.)

It also has come down to it that
we are left, thanks to the f*****g banks, with the rise of the poundstore! (Another
place where the walking dead congregate!) Went into one this week, where they
were playing on a loop, ‘saviours day’ by Cliff (I’m not gay) Richard, I wanted
to commit harri-karri in the middle of the aisle.

Then there’s the new SPORTS DIRECT
in Airdrie, (or as I like to call it, the re-establishment of jumble sales) the
old shop JJB is a prime reason why we are all bar stewards, yes they were
pricey! But the stock was all laid out nicely in shop, not all crammed in, I’m
not claustrophobic, but even I was taking panic attacks! And why are we reduced
to this? I hear you ask, why so we can get extra 50p off here and there!

Is the same with the moaning of
amazon and Google not paying corp tax, at the moment they are cheap, make them
pay tax, prices go up and we then call them all the bar stewards under the sun!

It’s the same with people like Virgin, people want more
channels, want faster broadband, but when you put the price up for a couple of
pounds, you may as well kill their firstborn, (nice little Christmas story Segway

We are a country that demands something for nothing, we all,
(and I include myself,) think we are all hard done by, we go on to forums, blogs
and vent our spleen, claiming if I don’t get this or that I’m going elsewhere.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here! There is NO SUCH THING

We are all going to die anyway before the years up anyway
thanks to the hippies and the Mayans!

Hippy Crimble to you all any way!