Hullo the ppl

Well hello and good evening I am 35 in 5 days’ time and feeling
every year!

I am also going through the problems with age with my
parents, my father has been rushed to hospital with issues with his stomach,
like father like son I hear you say!

I have to closely think that my father is an old man, he
looked so frail going out to the ambulance, and freked the life out of me.

I have mixed emotions regarding this, my father does
sometimes anger me with his actions, claimed on more than one time that he
wanted to be ‘left to die’ but forgets the people around him, that do worry. I am
not particularly close to my father, but I would not wish him to die like that
alone and no one to care for him.

One of the good things now is I can be in a more relaxed
conversation with my little brother now, may be as he is now not living in the
same house as me.

Going to start saving up for my holibags this year, so I have
least got money I can play with, I also want a buffer in case I am ever ill
again, (touch wood,) never want to go through what I did last year!

Any hoo