I am going through the motions again, and i need to get away from Airdrie, it is driving me nuts!

The happy pills are doing the job but i am still not improving health of otherwise. I am a 35 year old man, and my body feels of a man of sixty.

I’m bored with my life, my drawing or my books get me away from it, but not much.

I need to start looking now for a career away from call centres, saying the same old thing to idiots everyday, and lets not beat about the bush, they are idiots!

With me thinking like this, i know i cannot go to another call centre job, i would need to be face to face, or i wish they didn’t get away from manned lighthouse. i would love to be on my own working away, i have never had a need of company, but even then there are things like broadband, skype, and also mobiles.

I would love to have a job working for myself, a wee house by the sea, and would never need to work for someone instead.

Not going to happen though, though if i can still do my job, paint and with my new wee hobby writing my novel.

I am going to promise myself to go away for a trip, even if its just for one day, and i would definitely going forward on end of aug and first week of september, going away even if its by myself.

Anyhoo still bored, am a way to read ta ta