well i’m noo special, well special needs anyway!

i have ibs, and will be the death of me, no more oily foods, no more spicey foods, in other works a boring diet, Hurrah!

my mood is up at the moment, which is a good thing, but i know the next thing will be a period of down.

and now i’m going away tae the seaside, i need a wee break, from everything, but as we know me and my wee kindle will be reading away for 3 glorious weeks.

i am on the medication for life now, and the cramps i get are very painful.

and now me with my ocd i find a fault with my phone, it has a buzzing noise, and i could probably put up with it till my contract comes up, but you know me i hate flaws, also something bright and shiny and i have to have it, so probably in the next two months i will have to get the latest phone, i’m going to have to get replacement tablet also!

any hoo

away to learn how to murder on csi