Hello, new year, new idiots to deal with! where do we start?
the thing at the moment is a movement for world ‘peace’ The Olympics, sells thair guarrenteed ‘world show’ the the highest bidder, no matter the human rights record!

I am reffering to the idiots in russia, who belive the only way a person can be is so far in the closet, they are bumming mr tumnus!

As i have pointed out in my facebook page, they have a tendancey for such a straight, and homphobic nation, to be obsessed with the male member, one only has to look at the olympic cauldron, remarkably looks like an errect penis! then their uniforms, bright pink, why dont they go the whole hog and put them arseless chaps!

Then there is our own goverment, who dont want scotland to leave the united kingdom, not because that they would loose the second largets tax revenue in the uk, nor that they would have to remove the nukes from faslane, no because standing in a sports stadium in london, where most of the golds came from fellow scots, they would miss ruling us from the mansions in london. Mr cameron claiming to be part scottish also, is laughable, its like me saying im part american, because i have native american ansestory, (i do by the way:)

I have always felt scottish, rather than british, or as the english who i speak to on the phone ‘scotch’ like im a bloddy whiskey!

anyhow enough ranting for one night