Morning campers!

Well where are we now?

Out ma box, and would love a wee break fae here!

I have went out and toured the mortals this month, didnie like it, they were no nice.

I have also started wearing my contacts again, not for vanity, as i have become a biker, (naw not one of those, a cyclist, and you want get me intie tight lycra for anything!) No i wear my contacts as the lovely scottish weather, wearing glasses, withought windscreen wipers, is a danger, espeically with my cycling!

Also working up tae get a wee holibags, that will no get ma hands on my brothers caravan this year means, i will need tae pay fur it, also will need tae find somewhere to get to it. but want a caravan by the sea, so lets see where we are going.

Anyhoo away tae lay doon!