Hiya fellow mentalists!

Greetings from nutjob island! (twinned with basildon)

Where am i going? Currently I don’t know, probably nowhere. Well thats not surprising, I have big plans, and it goes nowhere. I say im going to look for a new job, where am I 7 years later? I say am going to look for a new man, then I then realise I prefer my own company. I am a dick you see, I bark out crap, and five minutes down the road I give up, I call people like that a FANNY! I am the first one to put my hand up and say I am a big one, we are a nation of putting our neurosis down on print, rant and rave, all want an opinion, without having the knowledge to back up any statement.

Then we complain like bitches as well, but give us the tools to fix it? Naw cannie be bothered! I blame the americans, famous for coming in at the last minute and stealing all the glory! Even this Blog is a self indulgence, before we were happy for a diary, or a journal, now what? lets share your ravings with the whole world, (not that I am complaining, I would die without getting all these thoughts out my head, I would not be able to sleep at night!)

Talking of sleep, I would give Salvatore Dali a run for his money, My dreams are pretty disturbing at the moment, a lot of them I am getting chased!

Anyhoo away tae bed to sleep, to earn wee pennies at work tomorrow!