Well, having a music hour, everyone should have one.

Stick yer heeadphones on, and block out the outside world, its bloody brilliant!

I am currently listening to Queen, we are the champions and couldnie give a fuck!

Its better than any prozac or any happy drug oot there!

Music is the way we can communicate with the world, not religion, religion causes wars, don’t do this right and you won’t go to heaven!

Stick on a bit of fleetwood mac, go your own way, and people know what yer talkin bout, yer in a bad mood, as yer mans chucked you, put a bit of this on, and the worlds a better place.

Two things i could not do without, ma mp3 and my tablet, with ma books on it, and close third is ma sketch book. I am a bit of a dreamer, also a loner, I love my own time, I was not a big socialiser, (naw really?) but i see the world differently from people, I see people as bright colours, with a music track in ma heid, yes this does sound mental, but each person is wired up differently.

For example, growing up, at family parties, when the music playing in the background was Country and western, I used to hate the music, why would you want to sing about someone beating the crap oot of you, or some man cheating on you, which is what most of the songs were about, then recently, i have gone a bit dolly, Parton that is! Who knew?

Classical music, i’m a big fan of, again who knew?

Then again jazz! i would need tae be in some form of drug confused state tae get anything out that!

I like rock and roll, but heavy metal can get tae fuck!

Gonna buy a record player, and by auld vinyl, get the auld records out the loft and really party!


Rock on!