Imagine you’re having a nightmare, where you’re naked, running down the street, in the daytime, and people you know are laughing and plumbing you with shit, this would be close to what i feel most days at the moment!

People are getting on my nerves at the moment, and then you have to post that fake face on and pretend that nothing is wrong. I’m so fed up in doing this. I want a nice normal life where nobody is out tae stab me in the face.

Then there is the work situation, I am starting to panic again, this is doing my nut in, as now i have to deal with the screaming people, but now have to deal with it without having a clue what to do, oh and will have to do it well, otherwise, frog marched into the room again with the kangaroo court.

I found out early, that this world is a bastard, and if this was some intelligent design by someone, they are sadly taking the piss, or mentally ill, and they are themselves being patronised, saying ‘your doing well,’ like old mr grace in ‘are you being served.’

That sort of gives you an idea of my life at the moment, how i have not turned to drink I don’t know!