Do you know what I don’t get, people who want to be famous!

It must be shit being famous, for one thing you are on a
scale of famous, a list, your brad pitts your Angelina jolies, your Beyoncé.

Then you have the opposite end, the z lists or to give you
an example, peter André.

Then you have got the dicks that ‘win’ fandom the reality
show dicks, the world’s worst being Katie Hopkins, a woman I would gladly see
die painfully.

I am all for people showing their talent under a bushel, I am
an artist, I have never claimed though to be the next van gough, and demanded
my art on a gallery wall. I paint for myself, if others like it, so be it,
gives me a wee spark, that my works appreciated.

It’s the same with musical bands that put themselves out
there, do gigs, put their music to record companies, and strive for years to go
forward, I’m fine with this, I will support them whole heartily, might not like
their music though.

What I am not happy with is this idea, of talent shows,
marketing an express elevator to the top. What I can see, and I’m using xfactor
as an example, is go on it, give a sob story, sing (through auto tune,) a song
written by someone else, idiots vote for this, then they win, they are then
around for let’s be generous, half a year, then we forget about them, go on to
the next series, is it me or is this effectively like conning a mentally
disabled person out of money?

Yet government regulators allow this, go figure.

Let’s go back to Katie Hopkins, I personally hated her in
the apprentice, claimed that she was not in this for the fame, she genuinely
wanted the job, (back then, it was the job, not the partnership,) she was a
nasty piece of work all the way through it, but the producers cynically saw
that if there was a miss nasty through the series we would watch, and to my
shame I did.

It came to the grand final and it was that bitch, up with
some nobody, even now the name escapes me, and we got Katie Hopkins, over the
table promising lord sugar that she was in it for the job and not the fame,
thankfully the cow did not get the job in the end, two reasons, one lord sugar
is not that daft, two currys would have a mad rush on people buying new tvs
after people putting the boot in in their old ones if that had happened.

Now forward over to present, Katie Hopkins, remember not in
it for the fame, venting her spleen about any issue so she stays in the
headlines and stays famous. I also have to wonder why she do everything in our
power to shut up hate figures, when we allow Katie Hopkins to spout her racist,
bigoted views out there, I know if she ever reads this, would say she has a
right to free speech, but in that respect don’t the hate mongers have those
same rights?

The world is going to hell in a hand cart, because we don’t do
anything for others, we are only interested in ourselves, its true ask
yourself, if there were two people in a room, you and another person, both of
you are thirsty, but there is only one glass of water, would you give it to the
other person, or would you keep it yourself, Nobody I bet will say they would
share it.

On that depressing note

Ahoy hoy