Hello, well I am a zombie, I would find it funny, if I wasn’t zonked out on my depression tablets.

I am tired ALL the time, I am also agoraphobic, I don’t want to go outside, I want to stay in my bubble, frightened that I will finish the job and throw myself in front of a train.

Its hard to explain it to the ‘normal’ everything’s fucking ok with the world, and god is a wonderful thing. If there was a god (there isn’t by they way, god is a fucking joke the god bothers promise you, so your not frightened when you eventually cop your whack,) the ‘normals’ think you can laugh it off, they sail through life with no issues at all, BOLLOCKS! Nobody is ‘normal’ were all fucking going to hell in a handbasket, no scrap that we are in hell!

Hell is a place were you are murdered because you don’t worship the ‘right’ god!

Hell is a place where the fucking rich hold your face at the huge pile of shit then ram it right in, (the world in which Boris (abbymormal) Johnson, has power!)

Hell is the place where poor weins can go to bed starving at night because their mothers, and fathers are on minimum wages, and can ether feed their weins, or heat the house.

I hate this world and everything in it! Is it any wonder why I am suicidal?

Nobody wants to be mentally ill, its horrible, your broken, where I see myself as a piece of garbage, that should have been destroyed. This is not nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I am not writing this to get sympathy, I’m writing this because I’m shit at communicating it to people, and if I do succeed in ‘topping’ my self, there is a record of why.

Were sold the idea that we are the top of the fucking tree, and this is the most evil thing we are taught, we are flawed and broken like the basic animals. I do hate what I have become, a fat balding, gay, weirdo, socially inept, mental! When you don’t like yourself, what hope have you!

Anyhoo, another day survived