Hello world, its come to my attention, that they are fucking idiots in the world, more idiotic than me. They are white, nationalist, (Nazi) and fucking ass to the sky wired to the moon.

Is that wrong of me? Not really, if anything I am being nice. Something that these idiots are not. Thanks to the wonderful Mr Trump, (yes I am being sarcastic,) It is now OK again be a fucking racist, because in their eyes, they are not racists, they are patriotic, but no they are fucking racists!

The new one is to target anyone that has opposing views, the nice people, to give you an idea, everyone was commenting on the North and South Korea, going into the Olympic ceremony, as one team, this is fucking amazing, as before they were at each others throats like rabid animals. Because trumpypumpydodahTM has a thing for Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, (don’t know what it is, may like his hair, or the clothes he wears,) basically they are one in the same, fucking radio rental. Anyhoo, Pence his vice president, (another mental, who believes in the ‘gay cure,’) was ordered not to stand up when the Korean team came in, every other delegate did, but in trumpypumpydodahTM eyes, and the rest of his fuckwits, it was north Korea coming in! When I pointed this on twitter, the abuse I got form these fuckwits, was from I was approving of mass murder, to I was a lefty commie, who was mentally ill. All I wanted to point out was this was a peaceful show of a united team, not at each others throats, and not wishing to kill us in a big ball of white light. What this shows now is the only real dictatorships, are fucking Trumps, and Putin.

Trump is even acting like a dictator, controlling what information goes out to the public, what people surround him, he is even looking to have a fucking military parade like the ones in red square. And everyone, EVERYONE, are to scared to touch him, as he has the support of the ‘I love my gun’ brigade, and nobody is wanting another civil war.

It will get worse, as he slowly feeds the world his idea of the news, and the real news will be labelled as ‘fake news,’ this is like a Orwellian nightmare brought to life.

I used to fear death, now I am hoping it will come as swiftly as possible.

Well how do we fight this, well we get our message out, like the resistance during the war, make sure there is clear information, showing the lies and greed, the Republican party, and the Russian government are spreading. With the later, its like a evil mastermind scheme that has been set up by a Bond baddie, and doesn’t Valerie Putin look the part.

So before I am marched of to the death camp, for being a leftie, (which I am not,) and a big screaming gay, (which I fucking am!) remember this little rant, as they could be coming for you.

Nighty Night, don’t let the Nazis bite!