I don’t like people!

What is wrong with me, why do I want to complicate my life by adding someone else to it?

I really don’t like people, I cant read them, can’t understand the nuances, don’t know how to fit in, if anything could tell you that, the first part of my life would tell you that.

First, Gay dating is a SCAM!

And to prey on a group of people that about 40 years ago could face chemical castration, or today in some countries, RUSSIA, could be imprisoned, or beaten up, or Bruni, where the Allah bothers will deprive you of your life. It’s the sickest things us humans do to people.

I know gay dating is a scam for a few wee hints,

  • You get a free bit, but it’s basically create a profile, and watch people say hello, and look at your profile, without being able to see who is saying hello and who’s looking at your profile. You can of course if you pay a monthly fee. Its effectively bait & switch!
  • The catfish – this is effectively what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, only instead of the owners of the app, its real criminals, gangs, mainly said Russians, or the lovely Nigerians, (Nigeria must be the only country that has its main job occupation as scamming little bastards.) Let me explain to you how it works, someone, (certainly not the person you have been sent the photograph from,) contacts you. They ask you hello, some claim to be from places like USA, or the favourite, the US service man. Now if you are looking to play someone else, especially AMERICAN, you would expect you would learn to copy how American dialect works. Where what you get normally is something you would see in an eastern European gangster film. Also, if you have just met a gay five mins ago, wee hint scammers, don’t start calling me darling, or handsome, like you’re a Thai ladyboy! So, the catfish he wants to do one or two things with you, (certainly not have a relationship!)
  • You will get sent an innocent picture, and will be asked for another of you, gradually getting up to the full cock and balls! Then you get asked to pay to stop your cock being plastered over the internet like the next porn star! (with me they would need to pay me NOT to show my bits!)
  • You will get them taking out the begging bowl out, and to wire transfer them money, cos “they love you big time!” they current new one is the gift card like a Apple gift card, as money transfer is wire fraud, a gift card is that, a gift!
  • You notice most of the apps have periods where you get fuck all responses, until you pay them, or you ignore them, and you come back to see who loves you like a 14 year old school girl on valentine’s day!

Anyway, I signed up, I don’t know why? I’m as skittish as a horse on the truck on the way to the knacker’s yard, while the driver shoots a gun out the window every five minutes.

I’m also extremely paranoid, my autism can be thanked there, so when no fucking bastard looks at me, my mind goes to “I’m Joseph Merrick, aren’t I?” Also, when some poor bastard does a go, I run out of conversation, and they fuck off!

I really don’t know why I want to bother myself in this.

The only thing I can come up with is I like to observe people.

And fuck me some of the profiles are funny.

One thing I have learned is that gay people, who want to be classed as equal to straight people, surprisingly treat a monogamous relationship as ‘a pile on!’ I don’t know about you, when I pick a partner, I hope he’s not on a gay dating site the next minute arranging a bonk in a park bush!

Some come to the party with a list of wants, usually looing for a Calvin Klein model, and they ether have no profile picture or look like they have dragged through a bush!

When you do get approached, (if you do,) rather than “hello!” you get hit with a picture of big hairy cock and balls, (most of the time tiny winy wee, microscopic cock and hairless balls, I honestly don’t know why they do that, mucky actors do that also, I haven’t a clue why, or why you would have the nerve to take a razor, or a pair of clippers to your ball bag!) then the next words you get are “got any pics?” I don’t know about you, I have never wanted to be a porny model, also never wanted to show my naked body over a app to previously the only image you have of this person is A DICK!

So there out!

There are a few on there, pretty boys, hair styled up, more like little girls than actual men, and being I was bulled the majority of my life for being a homosexual, the last thing I want is to go with a ‘pretty little boy’ and that what most of them are, ‘jailbait,’ like candy for the creepy older ones looking to fuck a boy! (usually folks they are the catfish idiots who copy and paste a stock image on the web to reel the paedos in!)

So there out!

That’s ok in a way, I like a mature, beardo! But sadly, they like the ‘manboys!’ so I’m not getting my Nat king there!

So, I’m now left with the serial killers the weirdos! (you know cover me in rubber, whipped cream, and lay me over a hostess trolly and beat me on the arse by a copy of the people’s friend!)

As I don’t want to be found on the front page of the Sun, or the Daily Record, ‘found in a field,’ or ‘arrested dressed as a nun holding the reins of a donkey, (in FULL rubber!)’ I must give that a pass!

So, like most of the time I have a dalliance in the world of gay dating, it comes to nothing, the apps get cancelled, and its back to me, myself, and I!

Don’t feel sorry for me, I probably really don’t want this anyway, I will probably have just have a ton of cats, and be reeking of pish!